Theme: Injustice

Evil Lawyer

When it came to being a decent Human Being, you blew it.
You defended an evil man who was guilty and you knew it.
You knew he's a murderer but you still defended him.
He murdered a pregnant woman, that was very grim.
He admitted to you that he was guilty but you didn't and still don't care.
He killed both a woman and her unborn baby, you're living proof that life is unfair.
You're a lousy attorney and a lousy Human Being as well.
You're an evil woman and because of that, you'll go to Hell.
It should devastate you to know that because of you, criminals go free.
You should be disbarred and I think that other decent people will agree.
What goes around comes around, that's something you can bet your life on.
When you die, no people will be by your side, they'll be glad that you're gone.


More By  :  Randy Johnson

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