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Malala Darling Again

Malala darling,
so you have won the Nobel
as I wanted last year,
your fan of sixty-two!
I saw the CNN interview of last year.
I liked especially what your father said:
a day lived in freedom
is more than hundred years in slavery.
It is from the mouth of a Pashtun Pakistani.
A pashtun never subserves.
Emperor Akbar could not subdue.
Britishers could not subdue.
How can misguided Taliban?
Simple strong faith.
Like Christ, do not hate a Taliban.
They are simpletons.
Malala, you have understood the importance of education.
What is education?
Getting enriched with knowledge.
Knowledge grows.
Nobody can predict
which knowledge takes birth where.
It spreads worldwide
in no time.
For human race is one
and man enquires
and he travels,
spreads it
like a bird drops the seed of fruits
in far-flung places.
Islam is great,
a great concept,
like Christianity,
like Buddhism,
like Jainism,
like Confucianism,
like Taoism,
like Greek philosophy,
like Vedic and Upanishadic thoughts,
and so many
like Sikhism,
and that of Chaitanya.
Terrorism is misguided thought,
a sense of being left behind in time
and growing knowledge.
So, Malala,
let great God, Allah, Ishwar
give you all the power
to serve mankind,
especially the young girls of this world
who face hardships
in getting educated.
Let your life shine in glory
and let that life be long,
and happy,
and satisfying.


More By  :  Sharbaaniranjan Kundu

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