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Lullaby of Night

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The tempestuous traffic settled into silence
As the night progressed half way through.
And this silence, when it doesn’t put you to sleep
Hypnotizes you to walk down your memory lane.

Talat’s ‘Sham e gam ki kasam’ echoes in my ears
As I walk into the balcony to look at the sleeping city.
The blazing lights of Bangalore City station,
The faltering footsteps of the drunken man on the main road,
The flickering ‘Stop and proceed’ amber signals,
And the light breeze dribbling the rags of paper to a corner
Seem to orchestrate a symphony of the night.
A jet steadily passes across the sky
Like a bow gracefully on the strings of a violin.
In the company of Aldeberan, the half moon smiles full
And a jealous feeling suddenly reminds me of you.

I walk into the past to forget the present.

‘Wo ghadi yaad hai jab tumse mulakaat huyi’
(I remember the moment when I first met you)
I never thought that you would fill my thoughts this way.
Complementing each other, in every walk of life
(Isn’t that we promised to one another ahead of solemnization?)
We wanted to tread the path of symbiotic living.
Well, did I live up to my promise?
At the altar of conscience I cannot lie.
I tried to be true to our implicit covenant.
I promise that ... I ... Shall ... Be ...


More By  :  N. S. Murty

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