Theme: Terrorism

16th December: Black Day for Humanity

16th December, the coldest
the black day frozen red
with massive macabre massacre,
cruelest stab in the heart
of mankind and humane religion!

A handful of wayward men
of Almighty God have run amuck
everywhere the world over,
so let-loose and berserk
in the deadly disguise
of fanatic, lunatic terrorists,
satiated with sadistic pleasure
in cruelly butchering
the innocent school children
maiming their mothers and fathers...

Allah has sent us all to crusade
against the vicious vices,
avarice and greed of the world
against the ferocious foes
of brotherhood and humanity
Alas! Some of us are insane
dogmatically indulging
in such nefarious deeds,
committed by their sectarian hands
their heinous acts have blood
smeared on their orthodox faces -
the sinister masquerades
are hell-bent on defiling
the beautiful garden of love,
harmony, fraternity and humanity...

They are but the terrorists,
the so-called philistine 'jehadis'
who kill God and His cherubs
Irrespective of their caste, and creed,
gender, colour and religion
to spread Him and His -
Realm, Reign, Region and Religion...!


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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Comments on this Poem

Comment In your poem is illustrated the classic tendency to blame the perpetrators of atrocities. To true believers, Almighty God by definition does have control of all events, and the perpetrators of atrocities are therefore mere instruments, who themselves claim this, leaving the outcome of their intentions to the will of Almighty God. They are thus in principle highly moral. Only in denial of Almighty God's control over all events can perpetrators be blamed for atrocities committed. Rather does an atrocity enacted show up a flaw in the morality of a society whereby elements operating within it become instruments of the Divine in control of all events to rectify this. In your poem, you identify moral rectitude as the status quo of faith in Allah, from which position you condemn the faith of the commiters of atrocities in Allah's name; yet is not Allah in control of all events?

18-Dec-2014 21:21 PM

Comment Very good poem, Thanks

Jyoti B.
18-Dec-2014 18:36 PM

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