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Money is a tool, not all...

Times there were when muscle power ruled-
The caveman's main tool to wield.
An Atlas, a Hercules and an Ulysses
Proudly did parade their prowess.

Then came an age of moral power;
In supreme honor did Pandavas tower.
Lord Krishna's scriptures paved us the way
And in personal grandeur Lord Rama did sway.

Now reigns an era of money power-
Seen, felt, heard and sensed every hour;
An urge, a goal, a craze, a quest-
The very pulse and throb of human breast.

Money speaks- everywhere- with emphasis:
A magic key to open all doors, it is.
Admissions to schools and colleges are easy
When approached from the rear with sums hefty.

Petitions and applications of loyal citizens
Glide through the red tape with right lubrication.
You wish and it is done
When the packet to the party has gone.

Money manipulates marriages nowadays
Since grooms stalk with price tags-
Girls sweat in lewd office glare
The parents in penury the rest share.

The spirit and thrill of sports is forgotten
Because match-fixers have made the players rotten.
Horse-trading is the stamp of politics everywhere;
Bulls and bears in stocks do not play fair.

None works for honest fare;
Norms and ethics are nobody's care.
Every service demands you to tip,
The world's in corruption's grip.

Money is the pivot on which life now turns-
In the rat race all values it churns.
"Do or die" is the cut-throat competition-
Material comforts are the first consideration.

Money can make many things;
Money cannot buy many things-
A soft pillow, but not a sweet slumber;
A huge palace, but not a warm home.

Chase money with might and force-
Lose many simple joys in the course.
Desist the mad pursuit of riches,
Beware of money's cruel clutches.

Money is a tool, not all;
A path, not a goal;
Put mercy first and money next;
Live and let live, content is best.


More By  :  Pavalamani Pragasam

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