Theme: Life


by Dr. Silogan Pillay
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Money makes the world go round.
It spins tales of scorn,
And sometimes brings out the best.
Yet often ushers in the worse.
It blunts the senses.
It makes brats of the young.
It nurtures the old'
It doesn't come without a sweat,
Yet to some it does, when fortune smiles
Your pockets are full and you are without a care in the world.
But life's a bitch when you cannot make ends meet.
The madness it creates is all around.
It turns men into demons, women into carpet baggers,
And kids into educated walkie-talkie's
It had created intuitions which are money making factories,
Feeding the final product into the global market.
This is a synopsis of our civilized commercialized existence .
Our focus is a race for a fatter bank balance.
Striving for higher human needs both amongst ourselves and our environment,
Does not fit the equation.
It seems too mundane and elementary.
'Love thy neighbor'
Is what is taught,
Off course with no ulterior motive.
Anyhow that will one day surface,
And embarrass your presence in this shrunken world.
History repeats itself because money drives the cause
It chimes in the strings of our DNA,
The simple souls are trapped in a money mad world,
That's spinning out of control with no-one at the helm
Money humiliating this industrial world,
When technocrats scramble for shelter.
The concept of money and what route to take,
Has to be straightened out,
To a path closer to the human heart.
Inflate your imagination,
Not your pocket,
Begin to see with your all,
And not with only your eyes.
A bigger universe awaits your presence.
We are at the dawn of a new age,
A little shift,
A little wave,
A little movement
And the brightness
of mankind will shine
as a glimmer of hope
to her future stock
of effort made to keep
this heavenly planet afloat,
together with it's precious cargo.


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