Theme: Hope

Hope For New Year

Last year
At midnight of 31st December
I lighted a lamp
Raised a toast to the stars with one hand
And a roaring Kalashnikov with the other
And cheered “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

That is my annual ritual
Since time immemorial
Since the days I committed
My first fratricides
With Cain and then with Romulus

With every New Year then
I made steady progress
Into matricide first
And then to patricide
To quench my unquenchable thirst
For power and wealth

With every kill that I made
I never missed
To tell my kids
That man is the ultimate
In the Creator’s lot
Different from the beasts
I slaughtered and ate

And then from my roof-top
Again with a grin and a gun in hand
Swore “I am the ultimate,
Because I am self-aware”

In the now dying old New Year
My score-card is brighter
Than ever before
For I have now
Traversed into genocide
Deeper and deeper

God now would be immensely pleased
That in His name I have this year
Killed more than ever before
In populicide and genocide
What a New Year I have made
Wiping out entire ethnicities
And firing at unwary innocents
In sacred paedicide!

Yet, again tonight
I would shamelessly light my lamp
With a gun in hand
And say Happy New Year to the stars

For I am different and ultimate
In Lord’s creation that I am self-aware
And taught to hope for a future
That contrasts my actions sharp

So this time over
Let it be a real HAPPY NEW YEAR
May the lamp I light tonight
Burn brighter
In the breath of my hope
So tidings are different
And history changes course

Om Shanti, Shanti, ShantiH


More By  :  Madathil Rajendran Nair

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