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ICC* – The Beacon of Human Rights

To end impunity for the most heinous crimes
Under international law, the reality is here-
Through the birth of ICC the humanity has achieved
A milestone and is so proud to share!
The unequivocal message emerging from ICC
Will control the abuses of human rights-
While the international humanitarian law
Will ask the perpetrator to end bloody fights!

An unflagging fearless determination to uphold
The cause of human rights will be the key-
Used by ICC, to protect the poor, oppressed
And victims of injustice, from heaven to sea!
The rules will be deployed impartially to promote
The justice wherever it finds the need-
Even under the shadow of desperate situation,
Created by terror or an abominable deed!

Vigilance is essential, and security shouldn't be
Achieved by sacrificing the human rights-
While respect for democracy and social justice
Will prove prophylactic against any fights!
So ICC is too proud to rejoice for its ability
To strengthen the moral conscience or power-
And will protect the innocent victims of vicious violence
Directed from the unseen tower!

Any small sacrifice of basic freedoms in the battle
Against human rights is totally wrong-
And efforts are needed to promote tolerance,
Followed by harmony, as a melodious song!
Violence should never be accepted by members
Of one belief against another at any time-
Rather, we must elevate our global humanity
At a higher level, and punish the war crime!

Let us remember that diversity gives the human species
Its splendor and there's no doubt-
While moral clarity or intellectual accuracy
Are needed in each judgment to stop a shout!
So, I admire the efforts of ICC, and am sure,
It will be the beacon of human rights-
By focusing its thoughts to humanitarian law
And bring our future bathed in lights!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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