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Peanuts - Anyone??

by Sandra Martyres
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Candidate No. 1

“If you pay peanuts
only monkeys will
probably work for you”
So said the candidate
to her prospective boss.

He remained undeterred -
“What if I raise the bar
and offer a cashew nut?”
He yelled out –  but she had
already walked out.

Candidate No. 2

“Please come in” he said
“Make yourself comfortable
While I make myself some tea”
The candidate was surprised,
but said nothing, just watched.
“How do you like peanuts?”
He shot the first question -
“Don’t mind them, Sir”

Her reply came as a surprise,
“No further questions
Young lady – you’re hired!”
“But Sir ” she started to say,
"Now what’s the problem
You said you liked peanuts,
And that’s what I pay."


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