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Mothers Never Die

It was a breeze less day and the atmosphere was serene,
I was listening to the ocean when a Mockingbird perched on my patio balcony,
She appeared to be surrounded by a band of light, but the balcony was in the shade,
Anyway; the little ball of feathers nodded to me and I nodded back.

She chirped a couple of notes to say hello and I chirped back that I welcomed her,
I whistled a couple of lines of Amazing Grace and her little head moved back and forth,
So I began to hum and to my amazement she join in the melody,
I stopped and let her take center stage... what a performance I was about to encounter.

She sang such a sweet serenade, enchanting, enticing, captivating my very soul,
She charmed me... she had me under her wings,
I was spellbound,
Our souls connected and although my eyes were wide open, we began to fly together,
Upward...upward... upward; rising ever higher, higher. higher.

We began to glide on currents of air, sail through clouds,
All the time, Amazing Grace sung by my little feathered soul mate,
I blinked a couple of times; I was back in my chair,
The Mockingbird was perched on my shoulder,
She whispered, "Always respect others and be a good boy"
That is what my mum always told me.

Dedicated to my Mum, who died at the tender age of Fifty-five.


More By  :  Michael Levy

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