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A Dreaded Dream of Next Millennium
by Santosh Dubey
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  You are cordially invited so.
The petals of our hearts waited;
Please do not hesitate to be welcomed
Since we are waiting eagerly looking excited.

Life is full of fun and joy
but the thorns and sufferings
are too very well on off,
You have to feast whatever time brings.

The love is always shared amongst
Do not keep it aloof for yourself;
The more you feel it annexes around
It also created affection of thyself.

The days of the new Millennium are nuclear one
There are smokes and burning all around;
It may be volcano lava full of fire
or the atomic radiation fully bound

Asteroids wait to hammer down humanity
A long time foe of evolution is boundlessly;
The earthquake started breaking this planet
we just watch the crying and death helplessly.

Solar storm's invading the magnetic field
The flames cast the shadow on poles and people,
If the attitude of Sun is continued
Earth orbiting speed may nibble.

We made a business of Atom Bombs
Military tools sharpened too hard,
that kills instantly priest, and the God's men !
Think again, if this fate you will guard.

Our earth exhausted enough ! now too tired
by many cosmos, gravity of expended space;
tolerated bored and spieled all alone,
She feels an exploration then rest of peace.

The events are not too beyond and far away
The space-era is starting here………………
Hydrogen and Neutron weapons are optional
It dreamed earth burning everywhere.

The mountain dashed down
The Seas tide over KL-Twin towers chorales
Earth submerged except a "Girl"
Who is she, floating fearless.

We believe the truth, is religion..
Physicists have no faith but science to tell
Carried this World in such a disastrous state
of exploration at the corridor of Hell.

Religions mesh, drift, extremist's sacrifice
It confuses the humanity and saintology
We all became inhumane;
We want to live for self-theology

The religion teaches us tolerance
The way to live in non-violence ,
To save the life, sacrifice to thyself
It may be snakes or scorpions

Crime is punishable, illusion of mankind
share the self to the people of this nation
A minute is enough to live like "Sant"
than the era like a Demon.

Let the disaster open it's jaws
and all will share grieves and sorrows
We are fearless, united and kind hearted
Whatever it may be next Millennium of tomorrow.

We may not be all safe and sound
with a national feeling ride over all
ethnic recognition of talkative
this is the power of words of last call

You have choice of nation or religion
If you would like the peace harmony,
Killing, hated one, blind belief and anger
By way of deceiving or betraying an agony

Boys are to keep custody of genetic security
Girls of this land won the next generation;
Show concise population and house of Galaxy
Create a sample like state of Heaven.

I dreamed the heaven has accounted people
healthy, fair, strange and colorful;
diseases eradicated body with no physics
The bliss everywhere is endless and handful.

No cry of evening and night
No suffering like myself and my neighbors;
No decay of natural or the ugly World
None can touch or sense the others

I returned bound looking the heavenly abode
Which has only a passive scene;
There should be both the mixtures
That's the peaceful and nuisance.

Please think if the country is flooded
The winds of atomic flames may soon arrive;
On calamities where is shelter to hibernate?
How our children will then survive?

We cannot ignore our next door neighbors
It's they who will listen on the first call;
before the nature does explode the Earth
in to the flames and the fire ball.

You will lead this nation tomorrow
wipe off the tears from innocent eyes;
night -walk is the watch of many
sleepless people are still land-wise.

You keep sleeping, I will sing once more for you
You were born the time was full of strange;
You had the pure mind with rainbow colors
I promise to save you from next Millennium's outrage.

The Earth is spherical divided by countries
different religions by wars and peace sessions;
Disasters may be costly but will remove barriers
It will set new seashores and land for good nations

Partial submerging of earth with tiny inland
and all the Gulf and Bay will lost
A turning of Billions to Millions topographically
This is man made mesh up a Pralaya will cost.
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June 03, 2001
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