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Ignominious Tyrants

Once there was a Chinese tyrant most hated,
On his grave his subjects urinated.
His cruelty had created such fears,
People didn’t forgive for thousand years.

Now we see the end of another reign,
Of a hated dictator called Saddam Hussein.
His many portraits have bitten the dust,
And his statues are gathering rust.

All despots should have such an end,
Whose actions no one can defend.
So ignominious are their lifetimes,
Their demises are worthy of these rhymes!

Roll the narcissist’s head on the street,
Pelt it with shoes, stamp it with feet.
In celebrating, no need to be discreet,
The head is devoid of ideas concrete.

A lesson to oppressors, who deride,
They can run but cannot hide.
Their judgment day will come soon,
Even forcibly, by a just military platoon!


More By  : Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

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