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Mountains Avalanche of Perceptions

Climatologists believe that the mountains are
Barometer of global climate change-
And human activities are profoundly affecting
The climate with biodiversity range!
Because of the constant mining, higher altitude,
Shape, and orientation to the sun-
Mountain ecosystems are being disrupted,
And telling us to get something done!

We are connected to and affected by mountains
In so many ways that we can dream-
They harbor biodiversity to sustain life
By providing fresh water via river or stream!
Yet, poverty, hunger, wars, and environmental
Degradations are still taking the toll-
By threatening the web of life supported by
The mountains and their important role!

With the depletion of mountain forests,
The soil erosion increases by the flowing river-
And the threat of falling rocks, avalanches,
Landslides, or flooding causes us to shiver!
As the fertile soils and forests are lost,
Rivers begin to silt up over a period of time-
Followed by the extinction of rare plants
And animals, valued over nickel and dime!

>From outskirts, perceptions of mountains
Appear to be impenetrable monoliths of rock-
But in reality, they are the unimaginable sources
Of biodiversity that can give us a shock!
Mountains provide refuge to people as well as
To varieties of plants and animals indeed-
And undoubtedly, they are our insurance for the future,
While the present sows the seed!

Mountain people have been the guardians
To maintain biodiversity at the mountain-
By employing their knowledge of cultivation,
They remained as the joy of fountain!
Unfortunately, mountain ecosystems and people
Have so far received no attention at all-
And it's the time to close the disparity between
Mountain life and richness via global call!

Mountainous areas are the hidden flash points
Of many conflicts afflicting the world now-
While the effects on mountain peoples
Are universally devastating, and tales tell us how!
Deaths, injuries, and emotional trauma
Of mountain wars affect so many individual soul-
And slow down the national advancements
While the infrastructures take the heavy toll!

With population rise water demand will intensify
And mountain will remain as the source-
To diffuse the imminent potential for international war
Or deployment of the armed force!
Fortunately, the treaties regulating the use
Of mountain water have stood the test of time-
And have shielded the various countries
With strained relations from their grief paradigm!

No doubt, mountains are the primary battlegrounds
To control the illegal drug trade-
And the poor farmers pay the heaviest price,
While they are earning their daily bread!
Mountain communities tend to face the conflicts
Often because of denial for their voice-
Based on their social standing, race, or religious minority,
They are left without a choice!

The health of serene mountain environments
Thrives on the forests prevailing on its slope-
But deforestation with the population increase
And commerciality are killing all the hope!
The destabilization of the mountain forests
Is creating the spirals of destruction for sure-
While the likelihood of avalanches or landslides
Is increasing and water will not be pure!

The demand for freshwater continues to soar
Unabated over the vast planet Earth-
But the deforestation of mountain woodlands
Is taking the toll and killing the mirth!
Cooperation is a key for protection and
Equitable distribution of freshwater resource-
To improve the lives of mountain peoples
In their struggles, and wipe out the remorse!

Well, as I dream for a world of peace,
My heart longs today for a mountain of hope-
To echo the voice of mountain people
And break cycle of poverty they have to cope!
Let us now pay attention to the protection
Of mountain ecosystem and freshwater too-
And set our priorities for a sustainable world
With a promise what we all need to do!!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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