Theme: Transience

Illusion And Reality

The sky never remembers
The storm clouds and the lashing rain,
The mighty black churnings of the hurricane.
The sky never remembers the lightning
Which dances across it's face
Nor the deafening thunder
That reverberates through it's eternal space.

The sky never remembers,
The billowing white clouds,
The radiance of the dazzling sun,
Nor the glitter of the golden moon-beams.
But with the passing of each day,
The sky never forgets
To present a clean blue slate
Where nothing remains written or etched;
Where everything is transitory.

The sky never forgets to look down in amusement,
To see the passing show,
As the billowing clouds float, drifting out of
One nothingness into another'
Way down below.
For reality is illusion
And illusion is reality.


More By  :  Raj Nandy

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