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Bouquet of Dedication

To the Indescribable Happening
That Touched All of Us Forever

When Words elude you
What Should One Say?
What CAN One Say?
Is the Silence Pregnant?
What Should We Do?
Isn't "How" More Relevant than "What"?
What Would Love Do Now?
The Answer?
Perhaps Each One of Us Must Find Our Own Answers
The Choice Is Ours. Always
Matter is a Collection of Our Thoughts
Our Thoughts Matter….
How Can it be Otherwise?

The Gemini Twins
(I wrote this poem several months ago for a workshop - and now I find it giving speech in this deafening moment of silence that I feel within - little did I know that its words, especially the last line, would have a new meaning)

Between Speaking and Listening is Silence
Between Past and Future is Now
Between Resisting and Assisting is Presence
Between Selfish and Selfless is Self
Between Decay and Growth is Nourishment
Between Where and There is Here
Between Upstream and Downstream is Flow
Between Evolution and Revolution is Nature
Between Dream and Vision is Awareness
Between First and Last is Infinity
Between Should and Could is Am
Between Bondage and Liberation is Creation
Between Feeling and Understanding is Being
Between Suppression and Expression is Observation
Between Living and Dying is Breath
Between Inhalation and Exhalation is Eternity
Between Nectar and Bliss is Light
Between the Twins Lies the Unifying Truth

A Rosary of Affirmations

Caring is the Only Instinct that Matters
Compassion is Life's Ever Present Embrace
Sharing is the Love Street Beyond the Walled One
Listening is an Unconditional Acknowledgement of Existence
Faith Breaks the Barriers of Our Beliefs
Unconditional is Our Life's Adjective
Sacrifice is a Way to Experience Unity of Opposites
Revitalization is in Reaffirming Life's Creative Processes
Patience is in Being Self Paced
Negotiation is the Art of Being the Other, Not Overcoming the Other
In Feeling I Experience
Evolution is a Collective Responsive Shift
Numbness Suggests that Body is Our Sensational Experience
Fearless Love or Loveless Fear That is the Question
Having Becomes Universal by Giving
Hurt is Anger Directed Inwards, Anger is Hurt Directed Outwards - Same Energy Different Direction
Silence is My Language, Love My Breath, Caring My Being
Participation is the Only Path There is

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