Theme: Salutation

We Salute You

Signifying the spirit of renunciation,
saffron sways at the top, saint-like
suggesting an earnest ‘no’ to material wants
and with devotion supreme  
to our sacred motherland,   
we salute you, the flag of India.

In the middle, reigns the white band  
portraying that purity and peace abound
the light that leads to the path of truth
guides us in our conduct right
and in absolute loyalty to this nation great,     
we salute you, the flag of India.

With green beneath
that bestows faith and wealth  
connected to the earth we stay, saying its worth
that all life depends on plant life, a message quiet
and with highest esteem to this glorious state
we salute you, the flag of India.

The wheel of virtue at the center, vibrant
instigates, life is in motion, death is stagnant
with that many spokes as the hours in a day
reminding us to stay upright forever,  
and with dignity and extreme honour
we salute you, the flag of India.

To the musical mellow of ‘Jana Gana Mana’
our tricolour flutters high, and we salute you
the fighters of freedom, the immortal heroes,
glory to you we sing, for you made our flag fly high.
Reverent is your sacrifice and in million hearts you live,
death can’t mar you, dear ones; Mother India salutes you.


More By  :  Pankajam K

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