Theme: Love


This time I was filled
With hope
That something
Will surely happen
Because we were
Just two,
Moved to a
Beautiful Island!
Yes, true
Something happened
That was
Totally unexpected
I confessed
All about myself
Part of it
Made him feel bad
Sorry and silent
But, what about
The second half
That was, indeed,
Startling and
It looked as if
He took what I said
Just casually
Without being
The sea, the sand
The solitude
And the silence
We were the
Only two there
Besides the
Waves and
Endless sheets of
Blue water and sky
He pulled me
To the sea
Where he made
Me get into
The waves and
Played like a
Kid, laughed
Like a lad
Hugged like
A lover
Made me feel
Light and laugh
At his pranks!
A rare sense
Which I have never
I couldn’t sleep
That night
I think he too
Didn’t sleep!
On my return
I went to tell
Something but
He pre-empted
That it will be a
Secret with him
‘Still I had a grudge’
‘What is it?’
He asked, I said:
‘I should have been
More close to you’
There was a pause
He replied:
‘You were closer to me!’
I really had no answer
The poignancy of
The reply was so loaded
Had he given me
What I wanted from him?
Yes and No!
Perhaps, he made me realize
That ‘Love’ is
Something different
From ‘Lust’!


More By  :  Devavratan Kaundinya

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