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Time and Again

Time is a great healer, it undermines
any set condition of melancholy,
since time is but the bearer of duration
that bears the aura of eternal lapse;
for where but in time is derived the notion
of eternity, of unending sadness
and gladness, of fixed states of life experience,
ownership, present and posterity.
Like a mountain rising on the horizon,
the phase of time blends with eternity;
joy and sorrow, victory, gain and loss,
at the time appear stamped with the forever.
Time’s face bears the grave face of the eternal
in every existing form, wherein time
passes but whose eternal impression is
sustained, the paradox we humans live with.


More By  :  R. D. Ashby

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Comments on this Poem

Comment An interesting and revealing comment, taramesh. You speak as an observer, a man of science, within the system of the universe. As an observer/scientist you see the flow of events and project it into the future. Identification of existence forms and events occurs in a personal affection for realisation of 'what is' that is identified with life. However, the universe has an objective existence that precedes our existence in it and one we cannot grasp except in terms of observation of trends within it. The identity/existence forms of the universe are realised in an objective process (not dependant on observation) that is the movement of a subject based affection for manifestation of 'what is', a life affection, which is Divine and which has an end of fullness of manifestation - as the culmination of the process. Once this is achieved it is eternal in duration from our point of view, but in itself has always been eternal. Time is a process to the realisation of the eternal in the Divine.

09-Sep-2015 08:43 AM

Comment We are not aware of existence of Space and eternal Time. We are finite beings.i.e., we have a beginning and end as birth and death and due to this only we know of time; also due to the appearance and disappearance of Sun and Moon everyday we are aware of the passage of time, i.e., Time. So, also, only when we see Stars, Moon and Sun we are reminded of the existence of Sky or Space and we wonder at the vast existence of ever expanding Universe eternally (Time) and so on!

09-Sep-2015 00:22 AM

Comment Thanks for your comments. I think the key to the eternal in time, the 'forever' in line 12 - I fail to see the discrepancy - is the fact of identity. Elsewhere, I have remarked that science cannot define identity, something absolute in a world of infinite flux, yet uses it because it works, priding itself on precision of definition of observed facts. That identity is perceived in contextual terms as an affective realisation, something 'grasped', begs the form of its implicitly subject basis. The clue is in our subject perception of reality as affectively based; why, in subject affective realisation of 'what is', identified with 'life', we necessarily identify all forms and processes in appetitive terms. We render 'absolute' all appetitive perceived forms even as we identify them in terms of 'what it is' as personal knowledge; that the affective process of forms is perceived by us as the process of time. We realise that it is our life appetitive affections that defines forms to perception; we cannot know the true nature of forms in themselves, except inasmuch each is a contextual rightness realisation, or 'that which is' manifested. Time, in other words, is a personal observation in appetitive realisation of what is a process of rightness realisation in real terms that has its own subject affective basis that is ultimately divine.

07-Sep-2015 22:17 PM

Comment All things happen in the eternal journey of time! Time is the eternal witness for all things happening everywhere! Nice poem on Time to read!

06-Sep-2015 00:20 AM

Comment liked the poem
reconsider line 12
a serious reflection on the subject TIME

v v b rama rao
04-Sep-2015 20:08 PM

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