Theme: Introspection

I Search for Me

In the odd journey of this life,
That keeps continuing fast;
I search for me desperately,
As somewhere I've been lost.

Being a child I'd lived for me,
And enjoyed every moment;
It was all the way pleasant,
Far away from any ferment.

It all had gone fine and well,
Till I started my schooling;
Soon ecstasy disappeared,
My brain missed its cooling.

As soon as the study started,
The freedom slowly ran away;
So it kept overburdening me,
Throwing me out of my sway.
In the College life grew worse,
The peace of mind turned off;
Since then the tension rose on,
And ever stopped me to laugh.
Image © Prof. Shailesh Kumar Mishra


More By  : Prof. Shailesh Kumar Mishra

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