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Freedom is Chained!

The country is unchained
freedom is chained
in a free reign of terrific terror
in the dark den
of the few -
the vulturine owls, 
elected to rule the roost 
of corruptions,
of vested interests.

What reigns here
is a big horrid horror spread
for the dumb
who bear their brunt
every day
in tearful deluge,
every night
assaulted by frights 
for their rights are written off 
wrested by those,
mad with power dipped
in blackish red,
the blood of the country.

The destitute's skeletons 
are hung,
stinking out shame 
for all those 
badly lost 
in sumptuous spree;
the poor are roughly trodden,
crushed, roasted 
broad daylight
on the sepulchral fire 
of stark poverty
with their starved hope;
the big dragon
of their helplessness 
devours in flames 
their sense of freedom.

Oh! Ah!
Mother India feels 
extremely sad 
still chained, 
whipped up, and enslaved! 


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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