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In a Train in the Rain

I slide along the rails
through the country wrapped in dark
speeding on, in the saddening still
in motion and motionless too
whiling at the window
with each whiff of wind a windfall.

It strikes me now
a few flickers and a restless light
and a deep roar that was
the thunder clap to mock the night.

Night was a blinding night until
a sudden schism in the sky
tore open the black, a dazzling crack
as light poured in and was consumed.

While I hope in earnest
come back, it does
and un-curtains my gaze
and all's now just a look away;
but flirting with my hope
a la someone remote
it leaves me to wait,
to beg for more.

I'm dazed by the dazzle
though the Fates know better
for the light's of none
so desirable yet always un-possessed.

Now lashing at my face
shaking off the thoughtful stupor
cometh the rain and with it reason.
I'm aware of movement again;
on move, I belong nowhere
yet, strangely, I feel at home.


More By  :  Pankaj Vaishnavi

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