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New Year Chores!

New Year may come and old year may go
In the life of the world,
But changelessly life goes on forever
Like the day and night!
New Year or old year
In our life alone we celebrate it
And the beginning and the end
The same way we all live.

The misty end of the old year
Is the beginning of the New Year
And the mystery of the New Year
Begins in the misty season.
Slowly the confusion clears
With the spring of new ideas;
Which route to follow
Begins to bright
With compulsions to hurry
In the directions work loads increase,
Interesting and trying too.

With the Festival of Harvest begins
The Spring Season for two months;
Fragrant flowers bloom beautifully
With green plants everywhere;
Inaugurations of many new works
Occur with colorful functions
And freshness, new zeal, inspiration,
Top mood and happiness prevail.

Just after the Spring Season ends
The Financial Year will come to an end;
School/college Annual Exams begin
Just after Summer Season begins
And New Financial Year also begins
With the beginning of summer.
It's the time to see the shops selling
Many fruits and water melons everywhere!

Then Summer Holiday begins
Before tours and travels
To cool places commence.
With no work to the mind we play
All the time all the games
Till the end of summer;
Visit temples, see relatives and go
To picnic places to enjoy life;
After the holidays all return home
To resume the routine as usual.

Tree stands as skeleton stripped off
All its bountiful beauty in the Autumn Season
And with the rain of the South West Monsoon
Spring again the growth once more;
Apples, oranges and grapes of the market
Grab the customers to buy
And pink, red, yellow, blue and violet flowers
Bloom everywhere to give fragrance!

With the Birth Days of
Lord Ganesha and Krishna
Begin all the festivals;
With the festive mood
Men become brisk
And active till late night
To finish works, make money
And celebrate festivals
In merry making;
Festivals of the whole year end then
With the cracking smokes of Diwali!

Then North East Monsoon brings
Cyclones and heavy rains everywhere
And confines the Sun in the clouds
And plunges all places in darkness and gloom.
Again the curtain of clouds and mist covers
The end of the year in mystery
Of the happenings of the preceding year
And the things that may happen
In the succeeding year!


More By  :  T. A. Ramesh

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