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Foggy morning of a chilly winter,
steaming coffee and morning Newspaper.
An ideal combination everyone prefers,
highlights the importance of a Newspaper

Shaking news, Heart-breaking news,
Mind boggling news, mouth watering news.
Each of them, accompanied personalized views,
So many ingredients in a few pages,
justifies its need over the ages.

Funny cartoons and cross-word puzzle,
One makes us laugh other makes mind boggle.
Essential timings come in handy,
even when we are in the middle of a journey.
Political news are mostly exaggerated,
actually something occurs, but reality is hardly presented.

Employment opportunities and matrimonial pages,
Builds careers, even long lasting relations, without charging wages.
For people from every walk of life,
Newspaper is second like a second wife.
At ones disposal in times of need,
Cries out loud for remarkable deed.

Day is over so its usage,
It suddenly seems to lose its weightage.
Huddled in a corner, scrabbling for space,
Some fallen apart flat on its face.
Effectively used for on-bed dinner,
everyone gulping down, but none to look after.

Finally the D-day arrives,
it is weighed, and paying no heed to the loads of news it carries.
Sold away like a slave, to a new master,
Conditions worsen, responsibilities get tougher.

Had it a voice, it would have cried,
for my noble services, I have been exploited.
With this ongoing process ever change,
Shall I ever live in peace, far from the human race?
Yet fulfilling your daily needs,
demanding due respect, for our tireless deeds.


More By  :  Subhajit Sarkar

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