At Last You Found Me

As I ponder the verses of my favorite poem by Rod McKuen,
I ask myself – Did I really know you would find me?
I raced through my
teen years believing
there was someone special, someone unique
that would fulfill all my needs
.....but I did not find you.
Once I thought I had found you.....and yes.....
I did love and have been loved by others.....
but I always felt that something was missing
....that there was a void that others along my life's path could not fill matter how hard they tried
or how desperately I wished they would.
I had almost given up hope of finding
I feared my search for you was based on
fairy tale endings and a young girls
hopes and dreams for a love that came
understanding, patience
....and the ability to fill that void
That forever made me feel incomplete.
In my disappointment....I told myself....
I must be unworthy
.....after all, I had searched for you,
tried to find substitutes for you
....and waited patiently for you to find me.
So I gave up, only did find me and that void is now filled. I am complete.
The unconditional
love I knew I could give
#and the joy in giving that love fulfills me as nothing ever has.
I am
content.....for I know,
if I do live to reach 90 years, as the fortune
teller predicted,
when I am old and alone with only
my cats for companionship....
I can take out the memories of time spent with you
....and smile with the feelings of love and contentment,
....and know I
once had what most search
a lifetime for and never find.
As Mr. McKuen said:
"It was for you I saved
the best for last"


More By  :  Sherrie Gore

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