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In Memory of Mother Teresa

One dusky evening, as darkness enveloped the sun
A 'light', as bight as any star
Shown undaunted in the ghettos
Of Calcutta

The 'light', grew stronger to the beats of unfortunate cries,
Embracing the poor, the unwanted, the down trodden
Enveloping them securely into its shelter
Relieving them of 'momentary' miseries
that had become their realities

Was it to know that her encirclement would be the Universe?
It shone, ever so brightly not caring of the borders,
the apolitical daunts
Chartered firmly on a course, securing the mission successfully
To light the darkness for years to come

As 'he' lay securely, in the warm soft glow,
Experience of a firm hand, he released a sigh of relief
For he knew, despite his ailment
A 'light' shown over his head

He knows not the grief of absence of his shelter
For he has been 'secured' by our ' Mother' with the 'light'
That shines not in one heart but in many, today
Attempting to remove the darkness of his sorrow

No beauty, no wealth, no background, no titles, no accolades,
Ever embraced the rim of her glow
Her purpose ever so clear
To light every room of darkness
Touching, feeling, embracing as it squandered its wealth of love

Disguised as our 'Mother', the light beckoned our purpose
Awakening us to the unfortunate, stayed long enough
To discourse what we often forgot
Passed on, to a nameless planet, as we spin with the wheel of time

Yet, as we struggle to gather her shreds,
her memories and our purposes
The light stays stronger, firmer and ever brighter in our hearts
So let us not grieve but rejoice and thank our 'Mother',
For making a momentary stop, to 'light' our hearts of darkness"
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More By  :  Raj Khanna

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Comment What a wonderful tribute to an exceptional human being. Excellent and moving.

17-Sep-2013 16:15 PM

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