Theme: Waiting

The Wait

Purple unshed clouds heap upon the parched earth,
Thunder asserts the reign of cursed sleep, of death.
It darkens, and darkness deepens.
Ah love! Why do you let me wait
Outside the door, here all alone?
Sans the scintillating light of thy face,
My eyes trace oblivion, vision fades
Like a crippled traveller in the dark.

Speak my love,
I crave for just a nod of the head,
Maybe one little symbol!
For you speak not,
I will fill my heart with thy silence,
And touch it with my lips, endure it.
I will stay still.
Like the expectant night
With starry vigil,
Its head bent low in reverence and patience,
Converting zilch to stardust.

The morn will surely come
The lotus of dawn will blossom,
The veil of darkness will fall.
Resting the clamorous waves of my heart.
Thy voice will pour down in golden streaks,
Breaking through the suffocating sky.

Then your words would
Take wings in songs of my ineffable utterance
All that is dissonant would melt,
And thy melodies would manifest,
As flowers in the coppicing grove of my heart.

One day you would surely speak to me...


More By  :  Bhawini Tripathi

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