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No More Tears for Mumbai

No More Tears for Mumbai1.jpg
Tryst with terror -
on that ‘Black Wednesday’ night of 26/11,
when thunder of multiple explosions
rocked ‘Metropolis-that-never-sleeps’.
and startled pigeons
fluttering their fragile feathers
flee away from their cozy nests
and take to the smoldering sky.
Fire ascends as hungry flames from the glorious dome
lick the ornate façade of the iconic Taj Hotel -
facing the Gateway of India,
Mumbai’s magnificent landmark
lights up with eerie light while
sinister smoke stains the heavens…

Terror unfolds its ugly face
at C.S. Terminal
as heartless ‘merchants of death’
wielding lethal arsenals of attack –
AK47s and grenades, RDX and bombs,
Gunfire unleashed indiscriminatingly on
hapless commuters who are sitting ducks!
Human limbs scatter
like crimson autumn leaves
on the blood-covered platform,
while ‘Queen’s necklace’ bleeds
from weeping wounds of violence,
after the gun-battle…

Devastating demons of religious fanaticism
grin as they shower bullets in Oberoi Trident
and tormented terror targets tremble
while going through the beastly onslaught
Sadistic satans smile
at the mind-numbing massacre
as they hold the panicky innocents to ransom
at Nariman House,
its walls streaked with blood-stains
tinted like beetle-leaf spatter
from the heap of corpses…

Mother India weeps compassionately
on the repetitive rape of her financial capital,
by a score of cross-border terrorists!
Let us give the ferocious militants a hard-hitting Zero-tolerant message –
“Do not consider our patience as the euphemism for cowardice”

Let us salute our ‘Brave-hearts’ the men-in-uniform,
Let the fires of outrage and reprisal burn eternally in our hearts and souls and
Let us all pledge that –
No more exploitation by the unscrupulous politicians
No more rhetoric blame-games of vituperative Government
No more ‘Home’ for the misfit ministers
No more flaccid clumsy chief ministers
No more vote bank appeasement gimmicks
No more proxy wars from the hallowed ‘human rights’ crusaders
No more sly bashings from the so-called pseudo-secular shibboleths
No more crocodile-tears for the gallant martyrs who fell to the bullets
No more grieving mass graves and no more rows of funeral pyres
No more orchestrated candle-lit peace marches
No more withered wreaths of worthless words on the memorials
No more eulogistic tom-foolery of the ‘Mumbai’s bouncing back resilient spirit’
No more mourning and no more tears for Mumbai
Enough is enough!!!

On the occasion of First Anniversary of 26/11, this is a heart-felt tribute to the innocent victims of the Mumbai carnage. My tears of anger, pain and frustration have poured down on paper, in form of this poem.


More By  :  Bharat B. Trivedi

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