Theme: Silence

Voice is Heard More in Silence

Voice is heard more in silence
when melody of heart echoes
with a meaningful stance
when many a voice shoots up
together with their ego
the cacophonous pail soars
like a smoker's smoke floating in air
the audibility lives no more
meaning is dead in noise
nothing is understood
and the speaker seems mute
muddled and huddled 
in crowds of the friends or people.

For a meaning to come out
one's silence is a must
let other one speak their heart
as a soul is always there
to listen to another soul.
Let silence prevail in between
to realize the secret beats of heart
feel the affinity and intimacy
for a meaning of relation:
the strong bond of love.

As the time obliterates
all the writs and records
all the greetings of the lovers
what remain written
are the sweet moments 
of joy and happiness,
lived in love, in the deep sea
of intimate surging feelings.


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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