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Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls1.jpg
Through the cold winter evening
the patient lover awaits
for his beautiful lover
to come from her grave.
On the old wooden bench
he waits weeping all alone
through the cold winter, he shivers
so patient but unwise.

Doesn't he know?
That never ever
will his beautiful lover
come out of her grave!
Everything fades away, fades to black.

Night falls...
He wants not to go home
but his family calls
Take your time love, need not worry
for I will come for you tomorrow.

In the morning, he would go to her grave again
with flowers and love that would
go to waste again.
Is he out of his mind?
Till when will he wait for her?
Until the winter passes.
Until the spring and summer have gone.
Until she calls.
Yes, until Autumn falls.

Until the leaves turn brown and fall.
Until I grow old and Autumn falls
Until I die, and she calls
Until the magical spell of love breaks and falls.
Yes, I will wait, until Autumn falls.


More By  :  Tushar Kakshapati

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Comments on this Poem

Comment Well, I am lost for words that someone as young and still in his 9th grade, Tushar, could create such majesty of words that is so touching and moves the soul to go out and feel the pain of the central character. So wonderfully written is this poem that the readers could get urges to live the same moment, be it as tragic as a love lost to the call of death. The words are wonderfully scripted to depict the depth of love, a true, unadulterated love than someone as pure as in his early youth could feel and yearn to live through, and are so flawless and flowing and written with maturity beyond his age. I am totally awed. I would definite give all my money's worth to have Tushar write some more and give more time to his scripture of poems. Good Job, Tushu!!! :)
19-Apr-2012 08:27 AM

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