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In the Midst of Darkness

When I find myself surrounded by utter darkness
When everything around me is black and hopeless
When every step I take is a drag and I'm spiritless
When everything seems to make my world totally restless
When the tirades of problems and miseries seem endless
When books, words and teachings have become meaningless
When time itself has stopped and become listless
When the very basis of existence seems pointless

Somehow, somewhere from someplace a voice comes from inside
A child, a baby - lost - with cries that are relentless
Oh Mother, find me, please take me.
Why have you left me out so helpless?

When will you find me?
Why are you being so heartless?
Does somebody hear me?
Is anybody there at all?
Am I crying out to a stone who is lifeless?

I am waiting for you. I am yours
You may have forsaken me, but I am still your infant nonetheless
What's taking you so long?
Please come. Don't wait for me to be breathless!
This child knows no better
It will cry until its last gasp
Please show up soon
How can I be satisfied with anything less?


More By  :  Maalok

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