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Away But Not Apart

At the turn of the New Year,
Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is here -
While recollections of memories flock,
And those I like to share !
Formative years on my Motherland
Still jingle on the nooks of mind -
So, when I walk on sands of time,
Tales of tale I always find !
Decades of my life have acclimatized
On this new adopted land -
And lifted the veils of India slowly
With a mystic hand !
The rocking chair on which I sit on
Takes me back to my childhood days -
And rekindles my deeper thoughts,
Like the bright sun rays !
O my Motherland, today,
I miss your silhouette touch -
With a fondness of caring for me,
To say: thank you so much!

On the hot days of Summer,
I walked on your dusty streets-
Full of haves and have-nots,
Getting or missing the royalty treats!
Green meadows of your forests
Ushered in the arrival of Spring -
While I took the morning walk,
Perturbed by the bikers' 'cring'!
Childish curiosity drove me to places,
Like your caverns and lakes-
And the flora and fauna of Himalayas
Fascinated me with bright snowflakes!
Dew moistened green grasses
Provoked my eyes and bare hands -
To touch and feel the beauty
Of your vast open lands!
Winding rivers of yours enchanted me
To follow where they mingled with seas-
And soared my dreams in heavenly places,
To look for happiness keys!
Through your ancient temples,
Churches, mosques, and tombs -
You sowed the seeds of secularism
Among knowledge maturing in the wombs !
Via science and technology,
You have achieved the global fame -
And the roles of your political leaders
Swing superpowers in nuclear game !
The sacrifice of your martyrs
To end the long colonization rule -
Makes my head to bow down,
And teaches: non-violence is the tool !

Well, the adopted land of mine today
Has inundated me with material things -
But spiritual values I seem to lack,
While my despair continues to sing !
With waves of time, I will float away
To rest with eternity in peace -
But the love for you, my Motherland,
Is forever, and assured not to miss !
So, before I conclude,
I must say with a proud voice -
That I am far away, but not apart,
And love you dearly with own choice!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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