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November Rain

The rhapsody of the pour
all night long reminds of an
unknown folk tune and the
hissing of the wind, the swaying of
the trees colored the commotion.
The moon, who was smiling at the
stars , went away, with his
Friends and the sky became a black
Blanket over the earth like a carpet
Of gloom and woes..

The rain roared like a monster
And the trees trembled and
The bushes shivered.
The bird without a name,
Who was humming an old tune
for the moon, before the rain
came in Flew away leaving her
nest in the branch alone to
Grieve the departure of her friend

The mild breeze, who was roaming around
And caressing the branches just
vanished Into the stillness of night
A lonely tree stood in the dark
Alone, meditating in silence
Waiting for the cacophony to end
Looking into the sky 'water dripping
Over it like uncontrolled tears

November rain, came without any
Caution like a predator jumping
on its prey,
Like fate upon a man'..


More By  :  Vijay Nath

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