Theme: Ritual

Cleansing of Body and Mind

(The Indian Way) 

For any Hindu
Bathing in Sindhu
Or Ganga thought to be pure
On fetes, on deaths
Tilak on foreheads
To meditate for mind’s cure 

Indian Brahmins
In temple domains
Recite mantras while bathing
Then a marjanam 
Followed by japam
Trikal Sandhya with chanting 
Sindhu and Ganga – the names of rivers of India

Marjanam means Sprinkling water around to purify the place.

Japam means chanting of the Goddess Gayatri Mantras.

Trikal: Tri means three times. Kal means time.

Sandhya means the Union of day and night, dawn and dusk, noon is considered the third segment of the day, and hence meditation and prayers are performed daily three times.


More By  : Dr. Ram Mehta

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