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Nuclear Non-Proliferation

A "Treaty" That Counts

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation
Of Nuclear Weapons is a challenge that we can feel-
Since the day when the world entered nuclear age
And the fear of repression sent the chill!
Fifty years have already gone, still the threat
Of mass destruction lingers on the mind-
And the word "Treaty" that counts
Became a cornerstone as in the tales we can find!

Prevention of spreading of nuclear weapons
Is an item now on the United Nations' table-
While the gradual reduction of nuclear dangers
Appears to be a true mind-boggling fable!
Guaranteeing the benefits of peaceful use
Of the nuclear energy pretends like a mirage-
And is silently pushing the peace and security
Of mankind away from the global village!

Atomic energy and weapons of mass destruction
Are of concern on the existence of Earth-
Due to their potentials to create a chaos
And cremate the civilization in wide-open hearth!
But dissemination of nuclear weapons
Is still going on around the world via secret deal-
While ink is not dry yet on the UN papers
And partial Treaty is awaiting an approval seal!

Preservation of the Treaty and its implementation
Are essential to stop the global hiss-
While disarmament and peaceful uses
Are the motto that the humanity shouldn't miss!
The importance of achieving the goals
Of the Treaty is truly a burning need of this hour-
And the Office of the United Nations
Is striving hard from every nook of its ivory tower!

Now, as I breathe on a borrowed time,
I feel unable to drench myself in the global joy-
When the Treaty will preserve the world peace
And cheer humanity with happiness toy!
But I do hope that the hunger, disease and pollution
Will soon become a thing of the past-
And the Treaty will keep on weaving
The threads of global safety for the mankind at last!

In my vision, I see a silver lining in the clouds
Of global peace and security of mankind-
Because of the progress, made towards Treaty,
And to put the power mongers in a bind!
Still many hurdles need to be crossed
To reaffirm and eliminate the vulnerability or fears-
And let's pray for the day when humanity
Will come to its senses, and drench in tears!!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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