My Inspiration

Was I was truly alive? I felt dead inside.
I was just surviving, going through the motions.
My view of life was black, white and gray.
One drab, obscure day faded into the next tedious day.
Excitement and joy were nothing but alien concepts;
abstract illusions, fairy tales poets disbursed in prose.

Then the dark clouds parted, replaced by warm light;
the grays turned to brilliant hues of color, and
my life became filled with awe and exhilaration.
I have discovered the joys of living and being alive.
My heart and soul, once desolate and despondent,
now radiate with contentedness and ecstasy.

Beauty is now woven into almost every aspect of my life.
The harmonious songs of birds lighten my steps.
My enhanced senses embrace the fragrances of the flowers.
The warm sunlight illuminates the splendor in the world.
My life is no longer merely a daily existence I must endure,
It is a celebration of the euphoria of my love for you.

You are my inspiration, my motivation; you are my life.
I awake each morning to warm thoughts of you.
Just knowing you exist, that you are in my life,
that I love you, and you love me in return;
brings joy to my heart, a warm smile to my lips, and
I can now see all the beauty and wonders of my world.


More By  :  Sherrie Gore

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