Theme: Conflict

Pagan Questions!

India is no longer the Punya Bhoomi (Holy land)
envisaged by our ancestors
It has become a Narak Bhoomi (Land of Hell)
What with Quota Mad Politicians
And Quislings of pseudo-secularism
Islamic terrorists and
Christian Evangelists
Oh God we Hindus feel Hell is a better place
For in hell at least there is no Quota
For the ABC's and EFG's of Quota Raj
Or reserved treatment for Christians and Islamists

India is surrounded by vultures even before the people are dead
The vultures of Islam and Evangelizing Christians
Islam says convert or die, for Indiaslambad belongs to us
Evangelists tempt you with
Vanilla Ice-cream (Seventh Day Adventists!)
Chocolate Ice-cream (Catholics!)
Pista Ice-cream (Born-Again Christians!)
Cassata (Pentecostals!)
Tutti-frutti (Anglicans!)
For the Evangelists say
Why fall for Islam
When we have so many varieties to offer you!!
With Christian compassion and benediction

But when the Hindus cry out
We don't want to convert, Leave us alone!
The Soul saving Evangelists say
But you cannot remain a black dirty heathenish pagan,
For when we offer you the chance to become
A black clean Baptist Christian
How can you ever say no!
To this offer of Christian heaven on earth
From a trans-national departmental store
For your total salvation

Terrorist Islam says
In terms Jihadic
You leave them to us
We know how to bring these infidels to heel
They are not fit to be offered ice-cream and such dishes delectable
They must know
It is Believe The Book or else it is sure death

Dear God, I as a devout pagan Hindu cry out
I have nothing to do with the Book
I know nothing about the Book
Leave me alone in peace
For God's sake


More By  :  Padma Sundaram

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