Theme: Sorrow


Pain is always there,
No matter where I run.
There is always pain,
Pain of a lost loved one.
Someone who made me happy,
Just to turn around and lie.
Someone who I cared about,
Then turned around and ripped my heart out.

Left my heart there,
Stomped in the mud, shattered.
Left there for me to put back together, Piece by piece.
Not knowing where which piece goes,
Hoping that this pain will go away.
My heart aches,
'Cause no one is there.

I have not been able to find someone,
To make my heart whole once more.
To ease the throbbing pain,
That feels as though it will never end.
I am waiting to find that special girl,
That will hold my heart.
Wrapped-up inside of hers.
So that the pain in my heart,
Is healed from the love of hers.


More By  :  Andrew Roles

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