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Ode to Afghanistan

The west owe their seeds here
Here the Aryans set out
Here the Aryans came back
To claim a piece of their own
Alexander, even with his death
Here the west set to meet the east
The silk road that saw a million seeds,
Tongues strewn along its path
The seeds that have grown to stifle the path
Afghanistan, land of so many names, peoples
A leaf floating in the ocean of humanity
A leaf on the globe I wish to join thee
In the human tide
To the west to Arabia
Land of camels, Islam
To the south land of Buddha
To the east land of silk
I wish to dance the dance
Of god and the gods
If such liberty exists
For me to do so
I wish to keep a piece of
The burst Buddha
A piece of the truth
That has come with him
Tears and sweats of the builders
Now laid waste
A part of humanity lay in despair
A dream annihilated
I wish to join in
The songs of the tribes
Who were once brothers
And dance the steps
Of give and take
Forgiving ever forgiving
That used to cheer up the silk route
With love tales and romances
Resulting in a people
So rich in diversity?
Where is the land that gave us
The way to Xian to Japan
How rich you once were?
Now all in vain
The fighting rages
I wish you to lead us
In the song of human brotherhood again
Like you once did
Teaching us the virtue of travel, love
Soaking up all the elements of the world
Without complaints
Without regrets
Thoughts of war
Let's go back in time
To search for the real Afghanistan
Forget Bush, forget Osama
The real Afghanistan we search
The real great Afghanistan
Lost in lies
Heap of lies
Like the rubble
Of the burst Buddha


More By  :  John Tiong ChungHoo

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