Theme: Life

Life Force

Something called a throb
in the blood-smeared flesh of mother
is what makes the nursing hand
know of life's arrival
from nowhere....
The water, air and feedings nourish 
the infants to grow 
like a plant with tender branches 
of swinging hands as if 
trying to catch the falling sky.
Homely soil spreads its carpet on ground
for them to stand up 
to their feet to step into the lap of mother
to smother the suffocating puff
of the tornado of hard times 
with a pail of labour pain;
invigorating words of father whip them 
all along to step out further 
and farther to scale some distances
of mountainous mounds of familial burden.
They make castles in childhood
to translate collective dreams into a reality 
to get just a soothing shade 
in the towny dusk of a gleaming city.
Bread and butter is simply the bait
that draws them closer 
to a melange of mixed experiences
from the heavenly haven 
of impeccable innocence.
The divinity in them gets eluded
as soul gets entrapped 
into the mortal, mundane dungeon
where they are unable to see 
the brighter lights.
Troubles keep pouring in
bringing rains flooding in their eyes 
only to wash heart, clean and pure
carrying away the dirt 
of stubborn urges and dormant impulses...


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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