Theme: Hope

To That Land of Bliss...


Where there is no sorrow and no one ever weeps,
Where love and only love flourishes,
To that land of bliss, come on let me take you.
Where the first rays of the sun herald a dawn of hope,
Where light from the moon expels extreme darkness,
Where you get sunlight and shade in equal measure,
And lighten the burden of long journeys,
To that land of promise, come on let me take you.
Where there are free skies as far as the vision stretches,
Where colourful birds are the messengers of hope,
Where dreams take shape and buds blossom,
And beautiful evenings set in,
To that land of freedom, come on let me take you.
Where in such a land of dreams, friendship alone prevails,
Where we can forget ourselves, with no complaint or grouse,
Where there are no strangers and no foes either,
And all walk happily hand in hand,
To that land of love, come on let me take you.

(Based on the song AA CHAL KE TUJHE in collaboration with Ms. Swathi Singh)
Image © KS Raghavan


More By  : Dr. KS Raghavan

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