Theme: Absurdity

The Evening

The evening
Sometimes very scary
The sky is red as if threatening
The evening
Sometimes enchanting
The school is closed for the day
Spread the evening before yourself
Spread the mind before yourself
Talk your heart out
Keep quiet like the day that is about to die
The day has seen it all
It has seen the happy children go to school and return equally empty
It has seen the orphan child being chided once again
By the mother who gives the leftovers
It has seen the children of god go hungry once again
And it chose to keep quiet
For there is no use complaining
The evening never complains
It is you who do so
Because the evening leaves you alone
Throws you into the scary night.
You know well that it would dawn again
There would be another day equally empty like all the others
You are not looking for the day
You want the evening
You want it alive
You want it bright
It fails you
You hate it
Evening is so enchanting
The school is closed only for the day
It would call you again
For the same old empty lesson


More By  : Dr. Gopalam Karamchedu

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