Theme: Longing

Were I Yours!

Were I a bird 
I would fly and perch 
On your bosom 
And tenderly peck 
The pair of delicate petals!
Were I a bee
I would swarm around you, 
Humming beautiful croons
And feel the aroma 
Of the concealed riches!
Were I a piece of cloth,
I would wrap you
From toes to head
Unwrapping the jewels borne 
On yours!
Were I glamour 
I would glow and glow
In your demeanour 
And remain glued forever
To your crimson skin!
Were I a sun
I would warm you 
With warmth of my heart
And caress yours 
Melting the heated crust 
Of surging passions!
Were I a moon 
I would remain blinking 
Winking and swoon
You into my embrace
In the dead of the nights!
Were I a door 
I would shut you inside
In the chamber of my heart
And stare at treasures
Of your beauty!
Were I a book 
I would hook you to the pages 
Of my fervid life
And explore all secrets 
Of your dormant feelings and 
Were I a pen 
I would write off your pains 
Through the blue blood 
Of my existence 
With its annals writ with love!
Were I an art 
I would never part or depart 
From your heart 
Through any drawings 
On sheets of paper 
Scattered in the world!
Were I yours 
I would never ever croon
This crude melody
Composed by the longing
Of my heart! 


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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