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Of Love and Longings

Life came to me in infinite patches
Colorful and black
You came in
With a strange color
It exuded light
Of beauty
Of life
Of togetherness
Of oneness
I need no light anymore
Go away!!!
I am blinded


Because with you time stops
Space shrinks
To cover us
In a world unbound
In eternal embrace
Everlasting kiss
One heart beat
Reified souls
In enchanting, fleeting moments


You called me a flower
Did you think of the thorns?
Or the frayed petals
Of beauty bound, imprisoned by leaves, a stalk
Of life limited by treacherous wind
Of stones ready to embrace on fall
Or that hand that would pluck
And give me death?


I love
I want
I need
As a whole
All of you
Body, spirit and soul
Your world
Do I love you enough?


Your tender kisses
Linger on my face
I touch them
To touch you
What else can I do?


A dove flew, haltingly across the sky
Blue and patchy
With a message wrapped in secrecy
From my love
At the end of the horizon
Standing in dismayed solitude
For an answer' a reply
To pass to the clouds, so ephemeral
To that appointed meeting place
Of desire, sensuality ' love
The bird has delivered, weep not o' you
Allow me to shrink time,
Obliterate space
To pass into you
Savoring you
Until my last breath
Will you?


More By  :  Sujata Ashwarya Cheema

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