Theme: Soul


How magical the soul is taking us
with it into a world of its own made
of thoughts unfathomable altogether
in a chaos yet rendering silence when 
we are left contemplating, liberating us every

What a great companion it is in such errands,
we invade alone yet feel so complete.
It gives the silence after the clamor, the dimness
after the glimmer and the breeze after the shower...
It is the one that won't leave even when our anxieties
make us restless snatching away our calm, putting
fear in heart pacing it up and scaring our eyes that 
can't be long shut than trusting it can still make us
sail through...

So next time you feel you are dying inside and don't
feel alive anymore, revert to your soul.
There you would find the tune to fit your thoughts
running wildly in your mind, there you would
find someone wishing to live more...
In it you will find a friend for life and that is you...
When in doubt about going by your heart or mind,
go with your soul.
It is where the union of the solution from both the 
heart and the mind resides.

We may be inanely roaming about in a world of 
quandary they create by outlaying an array of 
answers wittily, little realizing our soul already 
has the answer...

Uncover your soul to the person who not just
embraces your body but also your soul calming 
the cataclysm reigning within your heart bringing 
you out of your macabre existence but first you do it
for yourself...

Embrace your soul and stop the terror growing
within you and embrace life as a whole.
Once you do it for yourself, you won't need anyone 
else, for your soul will embrace you like none can...


More By  :  Suryasri Saha

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