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Off the Vines...Into the Glass

Often I wander about correlations
Between mood swing and happiness link
And cross the hurdles in a rush
To overcome syndromes of 'swim or sink'!
Success tends to glitter,
Like mirage in a forlorn desert
And pushes me to wake up
From my dreams of a sweetheart!
Reality mingles with steams
Emanating from coffee cup in my hand-
And marches along sands of time
With busy days' marching band!
Pleasure of leisure seems heavy
In my dictionary page
'Cause of verdant faith of retiring,
Or stepping out of hermit age!

Calamities of life squander
In some form or manner
As I struggle through forehead wrinkles
Under an evergreen banner!
Mind becomes cloudy,
And pain simmers in the chest-
Regardless of my philosophy,
Or response to heavenly calls at best!
An evening stroll in the orchard
Rejuvenates the tired weary thought-
And reminds me the spillover
Of the battles I have fought!
My heart longs for nectar of love
As it grows on and off the vines
And I try to seep it at dawn,
Before the sun shines!
Vortex of emotional flow subsides
In the quagmire of living hell
While I sigh a deep sigh
To lend my ears to tranquility bell!
My efforts for doctrines of humanity
Get poured into a seismic funnel
And energize me to walk on
With lights at the end of tunnel!
Semblance of love from on or off the vines,
I pour into the glass
And wait for the turbulent consequence,
With a dream for humanity of world class!!


More By  :  Hillol Ray

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