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India, My India

"Dirty murky, filthy stinky, dusty musty
Smokey dopey, hazy dazy,
Grubby scrubby, lovely bubbly
India, my India
Emotions abound
I landed in India reminiscently
At the stroke of midnight
Stripped of my Americana culture,
Virtually kissing the home land to amazement of all
Seeking, sweeping for familiar faces
Amongst the sea of eager eyes for all
I took a sigh when I saw the smile
on two lovely faces that hugged me
From far and showered me love all this while
Bags on the trolley, disheveled and slightly disoriented,
I shuffled through the customs
"Kahn se aah re haine" at the green point
"New York"
"Acchaa", the familiar expression
Breezed me into the royal court of chaos
Filled with love and expectancy
Hug, kisses, warm wishes, loud voices,
Expectant faces I took it all
The breeze, gently touched my face,
Stroked my soul filling me with warmth
I had landed in India
Lights were dim and dreams were abound
Silently I slipped into sleeping India,
Chattering about personal ado non-stop I carried on
The Americana habit that would become so obvious
Later as I was to meet the unexpected
Break of dawn with slight chirps, freshness afar,
And familiar hustle-bustle of daily activity
I stepped out on the porch and took a deep breath,
Choking, stroking my chest,
Clogging my ears with noise
Decibel that grew with the crack,
One honk here and one honk there,
Honk honk everywhere
I had landed in India
Relative and friends, I caught them all,
Nights grew, drinks flew, days passed,
but loveliest of two Oh Taj
At the end of the trip it wasn't all
so I extended another week to meet the doll
No ambitions to see or meet someone,
Unexpectedly I met Rav
I lost my bearings to time and space
She carried the sword and commanded the ship,
With the freshness of her looks and smile in her eyes
Sometimes so clear and at times with doubts,
One curve ball after another
Wittily responding to presents',
Independence, emotions and calls
I could not make it all, does she,
Does she not want, to be my friend
My logical mind, fuzzy with thoughts
Muddled my feelings with a new friend
I wasn't sure when it hit me,
The line of communication was going back to a grind
She shared some and I shared all,
Giving her the impression
that I was still missing 'her' after all
Believe me I said "no", I only wanted you to know,
I looked at the watch and took flight home
The US immigration inquired length of departure,
Four short, beautiful, emotional and pleasant weeks
He looked into my dreamy eyes and said,
"Welcome home, sir", Home - funny I thought,
Emotionally, being there, Physically, being here
Oh, what a experience being in India, my India"


More By  :  Raj Khanna

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