Theme: Rape

Sex Vultures

The choked sky remains so sad to see  
The helpless, bleeding earth
And her female offspring 
Day by day brutally assaulted,
And sexually abused, 
By nefarious greed of inhuman breed,
By pernicious, lecherous gaze
And their demonic grips
Of lascivious lechers.
She remains silent, dumbstruck
In deep distress!
She never opens her mouth 
And keeps her bruised, bald head down.

The earth is sulking in her covers
Maybe for fear of profiteers
While the poor soul of the kneaded flesh 
Keeps cursing her kneaders, 
Yet they strive regaining the lost dignity.
Both fall prey to the fallen 
In the vicious circles of greed and lust
Of all those mindless heads
And their ruthless hearts at helm
Whom to blame?

The sky remains the sole mute witness
To their evil and disastrous deeds.
When he feels heaviness
In his chest coagulated with floods
Of incessant tearing tears,
Like her he sobs, weeps and weeps
Till his profusely bleeding rains 
Burn and run out down to wipe off 
The vaginal ruptures, 
Of the busty or the flat-chested
Writhing in traumatic pain 
With multiple bites, spinal fractures.
Curse and shame on sex-maniac vultures!



More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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