Theme: Pride

The Statue of Unity

 The Statue of Unity—

The nation stands nullified or ratified
Before the people
Helpless, mute and dumb
Torn asunder within;
Their eyes see no bright lights
On the statue
But only the dark clouds around
Of their sad plight...


The tub-thumpers —
They boast of their own folly
Harping the same tone and jarring tune
Before the mass, befooled
Who, in silence, count
Drops of their countless tears 
Agony in full spate,
Repenting yet cursing their lot!


The Pride of the Nation—
Onlookers shut their poor eyes down
To this extravagant exhibition
Termed by some 
As political stunts or acrobatics 
Of a spooky spoofer 
And his heavy bevy of buffoons
Greying, growing, gnawing, going astray.


The Womb of the Time—
Time alone will pass the judgment:
Whether swindling of treasure 
And dwindling of treasury
Makes a big dent 
Into the democratic bust 
Of over-vaulting ego to fall down 
Or strengthens the statue
To stand as the Pride of the Nation!


More By  :  Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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