Theme: Loneliness

The Solitary Browser

The world is at your fingertips
I am surprised
In this digital age and
Era of communication
Where anyone could
Reach out to anyone
Personally through
Voice mail, video chat
Skype and Google talk
Facebook and Instagram
Twitter and emails 

Love and hatred
Cross quick and sharp
Publicity as well as perversity
Spreads like wildfire
Good or bad
There are as many
‘likes’ as ‘dislikes’
Emotions are
Expressed with emoticons
In every message as add-ons 

No age or caste bars
A smartphone takes
One worldwide
With visuals and snaps
Yet people feel lonely
Left out longing for
Something that is
Elusive and puzzling 

How can one be alone
Amidst this surfeit
Of news, gossips, discourses
Music, visuals and messages
But, that is because
Anything in excess is
Bound to become clichéd
The personal touch
In all these are just
Words and not souls 

No wonder after a while
One feels ‘lone’ and ‘left out’
Notwithstanding all
These verbal rains and storms
Yes, it is true that
Emoticons bring us closer
Yet true Emotions keep us separate! 


More By  :  G Swaminathan

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