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Oh Mother Earth

Oh mother earth, what did they do wrong?
Why was your anger on the people of Gujarat so strong?

So innocent that child was, who came under the debris
So many dreams he must've had, that in this life will never be reached?
Perhaps he just wasn't destined to live very long,
But oh mother earth; tell me, where did 'he' go wrong?

The little girl of seven, who lost her family
Why was such tragedy, written in her destiny?
Perhaps your rage on all others, just took her loved ones along,
But oh mother earth; tell me, what did 'she' do wrong?

I heard there was a couple, to be married the next day,
But all dreams were shattered under the disastrous wreckage.
As the house of dreams became their death womb
Oh mother earth, tell me, where did 'they' go wrong?

Men, women and children, the young and the old
Homeless and hungry, spend nights in the killer cold
With nowhere to turn and no words of aplomb
Oh mother earth, tell me, what did 'they' do wrong?

It's heartbreaking to see the thousands out there who've died;
the row of dead bodies is just so long and wide.
Life is worst for those who are left behind, as they search under the rubble
and dead bodies are all they find.

Are you not saddened? Doesn't it bring tears to your eyes?
Or is it just your way of making us realize
The misuse we've been making of our own motherland
Cutting down trees while making tall buildings stand?

Whatever it is, oh mother earth, and it can be anything you may hint at,
But I truly wish you hadn't, danced the dance of death.
Coz' there were just too many innocents, who had done nothing wrong,
And yet they lay lifeless, in the death tomb!


More By  :  Bijal Dwivedi Mehta

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